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RadioControl Key Features
  • Frequency and memory management
  • Frequency search incl. logging of the found frequencies
  • Various scan and search functions, incl. use of the radio's internal scanner
  • Direct control of the radios
  • Use of one or more radios at the same time and in the same software instance
  • Support for a wide range of radios
  • Functional extensibility with plug-ins, incl. APIs for 3rd party applications
  • Available as Lite, Standard and Professional Edition
  • Also runs under Windows Vista and Windows 7!
Quick Links: Overview - Supported Radios - Editions - Prices - Download Trial Edition - Order

Opinions about RadioControl Posted in the RadioControl Yahoo Group
RadioControl is a great asset to any radio in the shack. I have been using RadioControl for years for my AR5000+3 and Icom PCR2500. Best money I ever spent!
-- Vincent, United States

I took a long while evaluating a lot of packages and RadioControl was the only one that did just about everything I wanted AND worked as advertised.

A competing package fell down in that it was so unreliable in memory management! So much so that I wonder if it had ever been tested in the real world.

My only regret is that I did not upgrade sooner from the RadioControl Lite Edition to the RadioControl Professional Edition hi.

-- Keith, United Kingdom
In the Pipeline:
New RadioControl Release and Frequency Logging with Audio Recording

We are working on a new RadioControl release that will contain the following features, among others:
  • Scanner connector feature allowing all RadioControl components to subscribe to scanner events for a specific radio device. This allows further clean separation between RadioControl components and also allows plug-ins to get all scanner events for a radio device.
  • Frequency logging with audio recording: This feature will be provided as document plug-in which adds a new corresponding document type (i.e. file type) in RadioControl and will allow active and passive logging of active frequencies as well as no-loss recording of received signals as standard Windows Wave Files (*.wav) that can be played back in any media player.
    This plug-in will be part of the RadioControl Professional Edition and allow up to two simultaneous logging sessions by default. It will be possible to purchase an optional upgrade to allow more simultaneous logging sessions. Currently, we think about 4, 8 and unlimited which would correspond nicely to the 4/8-Devices Monitor.
  • Fixes of some bugs in various device drivers (e.g. FRG-8800, FRG-9600, IC-756, IC-PCR1500, IC-PCR2500, VR-5000).
As usual, this new release will be available for free for all RadioControl users with a valid license. The frequency logging feature will, however, require the RadioControl Professional Edition because it is realized as a plug-in. Hence, customers that purchase the RadioControl Professional Edition (or upgrade to it) now will also get this feature for free (for two simultaneous logging sessions).
COM Automation Plug-in 1.1 available
incl. frequency logging sample applications

The COM Automation Plug-in allows you to access RadioControl functionality and the installed radio devices from other applications such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access as well as programming languages such as Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft .NET (e.g. C#, VB.NET), C++, VBScript and JScript.

The new version provides the following additional sample applications:
  • RCAppInfo (Visual Basic sample) - Presentation of the properties exposed by the RadioControl Application object and their current value.
  • RTDevInfo (Visual Basic sample) - Presentation of the properties exposed by an arbitrary radio device and their current value.
  • ScanSearchLogger (Visual Basic sample) - Logs all active frequencies found by a memory scan or frequency search with the radio device-internal scanner. Each log record contains the frequency, signal strength, start and end date and time and duration of the activity.
  • SearchLogger (Excel sample) - Logs all active frequencies found by a frequency search with the radio device-internal scanner. Each log record contains the frequency, signal strength, start and end date and time and duration of the activity.
The already existing sample applications and VBScripts have also been revised. All of these applications come with an executable file and the full source code that can be used as a starting point for own projects. The source code is well documented and therefore should also be easily understandable for people that are not at all or fully familiar with the respective programming language and environment.

We also want to note that users who purchase this plug-in also get free developer support from us.

This new version is free for licensed RadioControl COM Automation Plug-in users and can be downloaded in the non-public part of the download area.

If you have not yet purchased this plug-in and have questions about its possibilities, .
Text and CSV Import/Export Filter available

The new import filters allow you to import and paste tab-separated text and CSV content from a file or the Windows clipboard into a RadioControl Frequency Database or Memory File.

We have also completely rewritten the existing Text and CSV export filters for all three RadioControl document types (Frequency Database, Memory File and Frequency Search File).

In addition, we improved the format of the Text and CSV rows the new export filters generate to allow an easier consumption by third party applications as well as a world-wide exchange of such data between users without having to worry about date, time and number representations, localized field names or whether the CSV content uses a comma or semicolon as field separator character. The new format harmonizes all of these aspects and, for the RadioControl Frequency Database and Memory File, it can be seen as the text-based equivalent to the native file format.

With this new set of import/export filters, you can:
  • Backup your RadioControl Frequency Databases and Memory Files in a format that can surely and easily be read even in 10, 20 or 30 years from now.
  • Temporarily export data from RadioControl Frequency Databases or Memory Files to make bigger changes to it, for example with Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice Calc, and re-import the data into the original RadioControl document.
  • Build a RadioControl Frequency Database or Memory File in an easy way by converting your existing frequency lists into the format expected by the RadioControl Text/CSV import filter. You can do that by hand, e.g. with Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice Calc, or write a small application or script that reads your frequency list and converts it into the corresponding RadioControl format.
The new Text and CSV import/export filters are free for licensed RadioControl users and can be downloaded in the non-public part of the download area.
You are interested in RadioControl but
don't know if it meets all of your needs or
how to integrate it into your software environment?

We are happy to discuss these questions with you and help you to select the software configuration that best meets your needs. .
Join our RadioControl Yahoo Group

In addition to directly discussing your RadioControl questions with us, you can now join our new Yahoo group too and discuss them with us and/or other RadioControl users.
Did you know that other applications and scripts can
access and use RadioControl functionality?

The RadioControl COM Automation Plug-in and RadioControl CORBA® Automation Plug-in expose a large part of the RadioControl object model in form of COM/OLE Automation objects and CORBA® objects, respectively, allowing other applications and scripts to access RadioControl functionality as well as the installed radio devices.

Examples of application scenarios that can be realized with these plug-ins are listed in the following:
  • Integration with an existing custom application
  • Integration with Microsoft® Excel® and Microsoft Access®
  • Implementation of custom functionality
  • Access and use of RadioControl functionality on non-Windows® operating systems like Mac OS® X or Linux®
  • Remote radio control and radio monitoring over the LAN and the Internet
  • Automation of simple repetitive tasks with scripts
  • Extension of RadioControl by features not (yet) available
Note: Some of these application scenarios can only be realized on either the COM or the CORBA platform.

Further information can be found on the RadioControl COM Automation Plug-in and RadioControl CORBA Automation Plug-in pages.

CORBA, Microsoft, Excel, Access, Windows, Mac OS, Linux are registered trademarks of their respective owners.
4/8-Devices Monitor 1.1 available

The most important changes are: Further information can be found on the 4-Devices Monitor and 8-Devices Monitor pages.
RadioControl 1.2 (Preview 3) available

We are pleased to announce that the Preview 3 of the RadioControl 1.2 Update is available now. Among many other improvements and fixes, some of the highlights of this new update are:
  • Full support for Windows Vista and Windows 7 (UPDATED)
  • Easier installation of RadioControl
  • Radio devices can be installed and changed much easier
  • Support of 8.33 kHz airband step
  • Extensive mouse wheel support
  • Save and restore of the application workspace (i.e. open documents and Frontpanels) when exiting and starting RadioControl
  • Some new features and changes in RadioControl document types:
    • Device(s) bar allows easy selection of radio devices that should be used by the active document for specific operations
    • Alternating coloring of the records, memory channels and found frequencies displayed in the table view
    • RadioControl Frequency Search Document: Search started/stopped date and time will be displayed in info bar above the spectrum view
  • Support for the Icom IC-7000 transceiver
  • Support for the Icom IC-PCR1500 and IC-R1500 as well as IC-PCR2500 and IC-R2500 (currently main receiver only) communications receivers (NEW)
  • Support for the Icom IC-RX7 wideband receiver (NEW)
  • Support for the Icom IC-R9500 communications receiver (UPDATED)
  • Support for the Microtelecom PERSEUS SDR (NEW)
  • Many improvements and fixes in existing components
This preview version still does not contain the full set of features that are planned for RadioControl 1.2.

Furthermore, we think it is worth mentioning that the preview as well as the final update to RadioControl 1.2 will be available free of charge for all RadioControl users having a valid RadioControl license.

Obtaining the update: The update is a non-public download that is available for RadioControl users in the download area.

If you are not a RadioControl user, you can try RadioControl 1.2 for free by downloading the RadioControl 1.2 Trial Edition.